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How We Can Help

4. Product branding, and packaging design.

5. Artwork.

6. Information brochures.

7. CAD drawings (if product).

8. Detailed competitor analysis.

9. Design and manufacture costing.

10. Financial forecasts.

11. Advertising methods.

12. Business structure and modelling.

13. Commercialisation strategy.

14. Website design.

15. Comprehensive investor quality business plan.

16. Presentation assistance.

17. Ongoing general business advice.

1. Informal meeting to discuss your idea, product, process or service.

2. Initial feasibility study and report. This includes:

·   Assessing the size and value of the market, national and international.

·   Potential profitability of the idea.

·   Market need for the product.

·   What are the barriers to enter the market?

·    Details on how the industry/s work?

·    Distribution methods.

·    Preliminary costing to get the product to market.

·    Investigation into the uniqueness of your idea.

·    Advice on obtaining seed or angel funding investment if necessary.

·    Recommendations.

3.     Advice on how to go forward.

Following is a list of some of the services we can provide to an inventor or designer to get their idea off the ground. There are of course many other areas where we can add value, and we can discuss these at our obligation free initial meetings:

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